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La Litanie des Cendres

by Angellore

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ouranos C'est un album très mélodieux, où le doom metal se fait plus contemplatif. Les sonorités invitent à l'évasion, et les différents chants se fondent dans une production très aboutie. Un grand album, qui en appelle d'autres de ce très bon groupe. Favorite track: A Shrine of Clouds.
Silent sorrow
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Silent sorrow Cant get enough of moonflower! Wonderful intro & outro. Love the clean vocals. Favorite track: Moonflower.
Stefan Beaudoin
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Stefan Beaudoin Read one of the comments about how after a few listens you really get the splendor of what is really going on. Not sure how to describe it exactly. Beautiful? Majestic? Magical? Favorite track: A Shrine of Clouds.
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Bringing together drama, darkness and melancholy, ANGELLORE have become a unique voice in the doom metal scene in France, gathering plenty of interest with their eclectic gothic and folk influences.
Since their birth in 2007, the band have managed to captivate the French music press with a series of EPs, leading to their debut album “Errances”, which was released in 2012 to widespread acclaim. Without promotion of any sort, the song “I Am The Agony” gathered more than 15.000 views on YouTube.

ANGELLORE have been featured in MyRock and Rock Hard magazines as the world begins to wake up to a new dark and reflective voice, and they are proud to announce the impending release of second album “La Litanie Des Cendres” after signing with Shunu Records.
This new and bewitching work sees ANGELLORE refine the weapons with which they pierce the hearts and souls of the audience, and is a certain earth shaker in the doom metal genre.



released August 21, 2015

Recorded, engineered and mixed by Florent Krist at EverTone Studio, Gignac-L'Inerte (France) between July 2012 & April 2014.

Produced by Florent Krist & Angellore
Mastered by Markus Skroch at Kalthallen Studios (Germany)

Music & lyrics by Rosarius / Walran

Artwork, layout, design and logo by Florent Castellani
Band pictures by Fabien Pio (
Pictures of the paintings by Nidhal Marzouk



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Angellore France

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Track Name: A Shrine of Clouds
Is there anything left
Along the dying skyline
Apart from this light which fades
Kissing the world goodbye?

At dusk, when shadows grow
Behold the shining veil
The secrets kept unfolded
The wind, a sigh from the angels

Burden of a meaningless life
Infinite darkness freezes the hearts
Godlike wrath gathering clouds
Nights of pain upon the empty earth

And I drown, and I fly
And I’m hearing the wind
And I cry with the clouds
And I’m hearing the past
And I pray, I’m away
And I close my eyes
And I stand alone
In a little shrine of clouds
And I drown, and I fly
Surrounded by their graves

A fall
A land
A call
A shrine

Running through empty vales
Resting in a shadowed sky
Flying away from the moon

Falling and sleeping
In the shrine of fallen clouds
Waving goodbye to the angels
Vanished angels
Never existed
Leaving and keep away from the moon
Track Name: Still Glowing Ashes
I don’t tell the truth
Remain in the light
And I hold the breath of all those yesterdays

Feel you in my heart
Remain in the light
And I always see the cross of yesterday

Confusion of my soul
This loss, my curse
At night, I stay awake
I am the guardian of my own hell
Feeding the pyre of love-filled dreams

The merciless life
Consumed my illusions
I cherish those fairytales
Even though they were never mine
To reach out for peace of mind

Ashes glowing in the rain
My ashes
Dead and remain in the light
Frozen fire always burns
And cover my ashes
And the cross of yesterday...

A longing without an end
A memory that shall not leave
From time to time
It seems so pointless
That a cruel rage weakens my heart
The fragile silence echoes my pain

Underneath the cross
Protected by its shadow
I gather our old treasures
Delusive haven against myself
Where my ashes always remain
Track Name: Twilight's Embrace
Drowned by this embrace

The shining sky starts to unshape
The gliding rays of sunlight are bleeding farewell

The pines are moaning as my heart melts
A gentle wind makes the flowers shiver and shake

The sanguine gleams exalt our sorrow
Last hopes are buried still tomorrow

I remember those lonely walks
Along the moors and the vineyards
Desolate, bleak orchards
Nature’s demise in vivid beauty

Darkness is coming something dies inside
We’re all grief-stricken by this scenery of night
Track Name: Inertia
I just know he’s feeling the scars of everything
I just know he’s burning all of the grieves
Cold, cold, cold
Cold were his memories and cold were his fading cries

Reveal him all that you feel and forget what you have
Give him the remaining tears and the ruins of your core

Come on to the silence
I’m dwelling in the light
An unknown light

I just know he’s painting a secret on the floor
I just know he’s standing here in the nothingness
I just know he’ll never move and I don’t know if I’ll come to him

Run to the lands of his mind and forget what you have
Give him the remaining tears and give up all your life

Run to the lands of his mind and forget what you have
Give him the remaining tears and give up all your life

Come on to the silence
I’m dwelling in the light
End, gathering the angels
End, we’re dwelling in the light
An unknown light
Track Name: Moonflower
Like the poisoned scent of my hollow dream
A deadly wind touches my face and freezes my last tears
The absence of love inflames my sadness for living
How would I go on without the promise to feel again?

I’m standing alone
While you’re vanishing in the sky
I breathe no more
You leave me behind with no words
Your beauty shines over my soul
But I’ll never get to you

I have seen her silver petals in the growing nightlight
And I hoped that she would fulfil my deepest dream
I didn’t know that I would exhaust her soul
I didn’t know that she would fade some days after
And all my memories remain deserted by her

Surrounded by deepened shades
In this place I never belonged
A deadly anguish embracing me
My wishes lost as I drown in fear
And I mourn her loss

In this abyss of gloom
Waiting for a foreseen light not coming back
Like curtains to hide the wounds of the afterlife
Feeling its presence as never before
Even though I might never come back

Someone has told me that I was the one
Someone has sworn me I would find the princess
I have seen the light within the darkness
I followed the star that burnt in my soul
Someone has told me that I was the one
Someone has sworn me I would awake her

Blinded by the absent light
Of my beautiful Moonflower